Secondary transactions offer tremendous opportunities for investors and sellers alike. Whether you prefer to invest in a portfolio of existing assets or wish to capture early returns, Fundation Capital offers access to attractive secondary investment opportunities. Alternatively, if you’re looking to rebalance your portfolio allocation, raise capital, or simply change direction by selling your private equity interests, Fundation Capital is a credible buyer


For investors, secondary investments are often attractive because investing in existing assets may reduce risk and capital can be put to work faster. However, the challenge lies in sourcing and selecting attractive secondary opportunities, which require access to information about the existing portfolio. Fundation Capital longstanding relationships and experience means we have access to opportunities, insights, and trends that provides our investors an undeniable edge.

Additionally, our secondary investors benefit from our:

Approach: We target less efficient areas of the market that offer opportunities to unlock hidden value, structure innovative transactions, and generate attractive returns

Experience: Our team is skilled at navigating challenging market conditions and executing a wide range of complex transactions

Knowledge: Given the breadth of our relationships, we have access to proprietary insights that help guide our purchasing decisions