When investors want access to high quality, differentiated private equity opportunities, a global partner with local expertise, and a firm with a proven track record of success, they turn to Fundation Capital. When fund managers seek a long-term partner who not only can serve as a vital source of capital, but also a trusted advisor, they look to Fundation Capital.

Primary investments have been a part of our strategy since the firm’s earliest days. We believe there is no replacement for the depth of experience that comes from building relationships with and evaluating fund managers continuously for over three decades. Through these years, our team has refined its knowledge and ability to assess strong primary investments on a global basis.


We understand that when it comes to investing in private markets, you have many options. When it comes to choosing investments, we’re highly selective as well – investing in only about 5% of the opportunities we evaluate each year. As a result, we believe that our primary fund investment portfolios offer our investors access to some of the world’s most attractive private market opportunities. Composed of carefully selected private equity funds that we continuously monitor and assess, our fund-of-funds have consistently delivered strong returns.

When you invest with Fundation Capital, you benefit from:

Experience: In an industry where experience counts for everything, you can feel confident that you’re working with a firm that has the expertise you need and the access you expect

Relationships: Our decades-long relationships with leading fund managers and participation on their advisory boards have allowed us to offer our investors access to high quality investment opportunities to fit their needs

Track record: Our rigorous fund manager evaluation and selection criteria positions us well to select the right opportunities across market cycles for our clients