Fundation Capital has been creating customized solutions and flexible separate accounts to address client objectives for more than three decades. Today, we offer bespoke, multi-strategy portfolio construction, portfolio monitoring, reporting and administration, tailored client service, and comprehensive knowledge transfer programs designed for each client’s specified needs and objectives.


Fundation Capital is attractively positioned to be your separate managed account partner of choice. We offer a deep team of experienced professionals; data-driven portfolio construction, investment, and risk analysis processes; and a flexible approach to meeting investment and service needs. Together, these capabilities have enabled us to help clients successfully meet a variety of investing challenges as detailed in the following whitepapers, including:

Working with Fundation Capital offers:

  • Transitioning from a Fund-of-Funds
  • Complementing Existing Programs with Niche Strategies
  • Strategic Partnerships in Private Equity
  • Accessing Global Private Equity with a Small Staff
  • Creating an Effective Emerging Manager Program
  • Consolidating Multiple Private Markets Programs
  • Expanding and Diversifying a Co-Investment Program
  • Building a Co-Investment Program with Limited Staff
  • Developing a Customized Portfolio Monitoring Solution

Experience: Long-tenured, cohesive team with a track record of success developing flexible, tailored investment solutions to meet a variety of investing challenges and objectives.

Partnership: As a key stakeholder in your success, we work closely with clients before, during, and after they invest to help them make tactical adjustments, gain knowledge and expertise, and to provide a variety of services.

Flexibility: Demonstrated history of success developing flexible, innovative investment solutions to meet investment and service needs with an emphasis on continuous, proactive dialogue and partnership.

Service: Global firm providing worldwide access through 10 local offices situated in key markets; dedicated client account teams and over 125 investment and 200 operations and service professionals providing expertise across disciplines.

Quantitative Portfolio Construction: We work closely with clients to construct portfolios that are underpinned by comprehensive risk analysis to ensure optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Knowledge Sharing: Partnering with clients, we have developed custom knowledge transfer programs to educate clients on a variety of subjects most relevant to their needs, including investment related activities, execution and operations focused initiatives, and broader educational opportunities.

Understanding your needs today - and into the future

Investors in private markets have diverse and evolving needs. With specialist expertise across region, stage, and investment type, Fundation Capital offers solutions to meet your goals – ranging from comprehensive, diversified global portfolios or niche portfolios focused on a particular market or strategy. These services are available through commingled funds, separately managed accounts, and custom services.

Active protfolio management

Fundation Capital is an active investment manager, handling portfolio construction, due diligence, investment monitoring, and reporting from portfolio creation to liquidation. Our team draws upon years of experience to structure each portfolio, develop an allocation and diversification strategy, and seek the investments with the greatest potential for return.