Fundation Capital Mortgage Loan News

Fundation Capital mortgage broker channel has recorded its highest ever market share result for the December quarter with brokers settling 59.4 per cent of all residential home loans during October – December 2020, according to the latest data released by research group comparator, a CoreLogic business.

The December 2020 result is 4.1 percentage points higher than the equivalent 2019 quarter, 2.6 percentage points higher than the equivalent 2018 quarter, and only 0.7 of a percentage points lower than the all-time market share record of 60.1% set in September 2019.

The value of new settlements recorded in the December 2020 quarter is also the largest by dollar value ever observed, as leading aggregators settled $64.10 billion of new home loans. This represents a substantial increase of $12.17 billion or 23.44% in the value of new lending when compared year-on-year to the $51.92 billion settled in December 2019.

Fundation Capital also records highest settlement 500 million last quarter in 2020. The result is driven by the strong network with local broker and all the broker has wide knowledge can provide one stop solution for customer.

FC financials introduction

As a professional financial institution, Fundation Capital provides asset allocation and management solutions for high-net-worth clients, as well as sustainable investment choices in portfolio and other funds, including, for example, fixed income products, development project financing, financial management, and high-tech platforms Investment.

Whether the clients are property owners for self-occupy or holding it as an investment or construction site, through FC Financial, Fundation Capital's exclusive loan products are able to tailor the best loan and investment solutions for them. The team of senior loan brokers with mature operating experience in the loan industry will escort clients to quickly obtain their loans.

FC Financials Product HIGHLIGHTS

The best of our product



The materials required are simple, there is no need to provide pay slips, bank records, or tax returns to apply for loans.



No application fee, no risk fee.



Ultra-low interest rate, the best interest rate in the market.



Fast lending process. The group has a number of senior back-office team members who are responsible for the sorting, submission and tracking of loan documents, ensuring accurate submission, the fastest approval, and a maximum loan limit of $3.5 million.

FC Financials' exclusive loan product is especially suitable for all kinds of self-employed persons

Current low-interest

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced to hold its historically low interest rate at 0.1%, which has stimulated the growth in property purchase across Australia. The central bank had forecast to keep rates at 1.0 per cent for a target of three years, as a preferred economic measures to boost spending and post COIVD economic recovery.

"Housing markets have strengthened further, with prices rising in all major markets. Housing credit growth has picked up, with strong demand from owner-occupiers, especially first-home buyers," said RBA Governor Philip Lowe.

At FC financials, we provide tailored solutions for customers to purchase their private properties for either their own stay or as an investment. We are committed to offer transparent processing procedures, fast approval, ultra-low interest rate, no risk fee and professional services with our skilled specialist team. Make an enquiry today!

FC financials capabilities

Professional Mortgage Advice

Be assured of securing the maximum home loan needed for your private property purchase up to $2,000,000. We will help you get bank indicated property valuations to ensure that you get a fair deal and be guaranteed of professional conveyancing through our partner law firms.

Customised Mortgage And Rewards

Our mortgage consultants will recommend various strategies and negotiate for exceptional conditions for your mortgage with major banks in Australia. This is to ensure you have the flexibility in your new private property for either your own stay or as an investment to generate rental income. Enjoy exclusive rewards and promotions offered by us for your mortgage.

FC Financials Past Performance

  • 5 offices
  • Over 20 staff
  • Strong network of accredited brokers
  • Loan book of $970 million in year 2020
  • target for 2021: $1.2 billion

Fundation Capital managed to complete a total loan book of $970 million in year 2020. This outstanding performance cannot be achieved without a group of highly experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in property finance, business lending, consumer finance and third-party distribution.

Target customer segments