Aim of the fund

FC Community Service Opportunity Fund aims to develop and hold a package of assets of both real estate and childcare operational businesses in a long run, in order to provide investors stable and sustainable distributions by actively managing the Fund Assets while contributing to the community better facilities.

  • Access to a broad opportunity set: We combine traditional market-based sources of return and strategies less reliant on market direction in aiming to deliver consistent returns through economic cycles.
  • Strengths of Value Chain: The rate of return of the Fund is higher and more reliable than acquiring properties directly from the market and holding it passively due to our longer value chain.
  • Dynamically managed asset allocation: We seek exposure only where we see value and swiftly switch exposures as opportunities develop.


The best of our product


Aims to deliver a stable return path

Defensive properties for local necessity demand, not influenced by economic downturn, international relationship & trade policies and online activities


Fulfill the current childcare supply shortage

Shortage of supply in outer urbans of VIC, early registry and long waiting time for families to get into a childcare centre.


Strong partnership

Partnership with Swan Education, exceeding National Quality Framework (NQF), among Top 100/4600 in VIC, advanced educational system, staff recruitment and training


Steady cash flow with government subsidy

Childcare business provides strong operational cash flow with government subsidy, less impact from COVID-19 or other pandemics, and can afford stable rental for properties in 30-year long run, zero vacancy


Asset appreciation

The land and buildings acquired are expected to appreciate in the long run


No hidden fees

We promise to deliver products to our customers with a full disclosure of the fees


Co-investment by Fundation Capital and its executives

The strategy is managed by a highly experienced team, with an average of over 15 years’ industry experience, and with a transparent investment process

Stable, Reliable, Defensive & Sustainable

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Meet Our Team

The team @ Swan Education

Aaron An COO Committed to the promotion and development of the education industry. Invested in the Global Education and Technology Group (NASDAQ:GEDU) and the 360 Group
Chloe Fu Director Director of Zen Element Property Group Associate Director of Victoria Property Shareholder of Asia Pacific Capital Limited
Dr. Shuhuan Pang CEO Member - International Early Childhood Education Society & Harvard China Education Symposium. Bachelor Early Childhood Education and Primary Education - Monash University. Asso.PhD researcher in Early Childhood Education in Columbia University. Responsible for professional development of training structures of both the Childcare program and philosophy for Swan Education.